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We Love PRADA Triangle! Prada is recommended for tech accessories!

Your smartphone is now your alter ego, so if you want a smartphone case that is convenient to carry around, Prada is recommended!

Your smartphone is now your alter ego.
That's why I want to wear it all the time, but it's surprisingly difficult to carry around.
Fashion is also an important factor because it is always carried around.
If so, I highly recommend Prada.
The simple design and triangle logo will tighten your outfit.
This time, we will introduce 4 types of smartphone cases with pouches and Air Pods Pro cases developed by Prada.
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This model is the most popular smartphone case. The men's line is 2ZT020, and the women's line is 1ZT016. There is basically no difference between the two.
By holding the smartphone screen facing you with the elastic band attached to the back of the pouch, you can operate the smartphone and carry it around while still being able to take pictures.
No matter the size, there is no problem with all iPhone models, Google Pixel, Galaxy, and Xperia. It is absolutely useful for people who are concerned about notifications or who often take pictures.

This model is popular for those who want to carry their wallets and small items with them.
A card case and a mini wallet will fit well with your smartphone.
Some people have the shortest strap and wear it around their waist.
The pouch is convenient for quickly taking out alcohol sanitizing tissues and alcohol sprays.
This is also a popular model with only one last item in stock.

If your card and smartphone are all you need, this case is for you.
The simple design makes it convenient to carry around with only a card case or smartphone case.
This is also the last one in stock. Check early!

If you are looking for a simple smartphone case, this is the one for you.
A simple design to hold with a rubber band. You can easily find it even if you throw it in your bag. Carrying a smartphone is essential, but if you don't use it often, this may be a good choice. Please check it out.

If you want to carry your Air Pods, this case is for you.
The size that Air Pods Pro enters. I think there is no problem with Air Pods.
I can't afford to buy it myself, but it's a perfect item for gifts and more.
Even if you throw it in the bag as it is, you can find the Air Pods immediately.
Please check it out.

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