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4 recommended brands that go well with Rick Owens

I think Rick Owens is one of the brands that are difficult to match because they have many items with strong individuality, although their colors are subdued. Of course it's cool to put together with Rick Owens, but even fashionable people tend to have a pretty courageous styling.

So, here are four brands that go well with Rick.

Stone Island
Stone Island, which is popular for its functionality and simple design, has many items in subdued colors that go well with Rick, who tends to be eccentric.

It is a brand that is easy to match with Prada, which has a sophisticated design and many black items. Especially nylon wear and Rick's bottoms look great.

Dries Van Noten
Dries Van Noten, which has many vivid printed items on a subdued base, is easy to match with monotone color licks and goes well with it.

Alyx mainly focuses on skater fashion and has many simple hoodies.
The normal base is accented with a silver roller coaster buckle, and there are many items that complement Rick's distinctive design.

Please feel free to use it as a reference and let us know your thoughts in the comments. We will continue to enrich the introduction articles of high brands.

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