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The appeal of MM6's Japanese Bag series

MM6 Japanese bag that never fades

MM6 Japanese Bag & iPhone Holder MM6 Margiela Japanese Bag

MM6 by Maison Margiela Japanese iPhone Case

The Japanese bag, which Margiela was inspired by Japanese furoshiki wrapping, can be said to be the invention of a casual bag. As of 2022SS, this Japanese bag is available in regular and small triangular tote bag types, as well as a shoulder bag type with a strap, and a pouch type that can hold a smartphone and hang around the neck. . This time, we will introduce the attractiveness and reasonable price of the latest arrival 2022SS model of such a Japanese bag.

How much capacity are you interested in?

MM6 Japanese Bag MM Six Japanese Bag Margiela

Basically, there is no difference between the regular size and the small size other than the size. The outer fabric is made of a combination of cushion material and mesh material, so you can comfortably carry it even if it comes into contact with your body even if there is something inside. The basic triangular silhouette and the handle are made of simple leather with no engraving. A little earlier model had an embossed MM6 stamp. The regular size is large enough to hold A4 files and thick books. In addition to documents, it is large enough to hold makeup pouches and wallets. The small size actually has a slightly boxy silhouette and is also designed to fit an A4 clear file. In addition, you can carry a mask, a notepad, a wallet, a smartphone, etc.

The silhouette is transformed by fastening the button

MM6 Japanese Bag MM Six Japanese Bag Margiela

There are buttons on both ends of the bottom, and by fixing them at the bottom and arranging the shape, you can transform the original silhouette of a Japanese bag into a nice furoshiki silhouette.

MM6 JAPANESE BAG MM Six Japanese Bag Margiela

With this shape, you can neatly store square items such as lunch boxes and gifts.

Craftsmanship that pays no attention to detail

MM6 JAPANESE BAG MM Six Japanese Bag Margiela

The lining is made of MM6 logo printed fabric. It also has a pocket that is perfect for holding a commuter pass and a smartphone. In addition, there are flaps with buttons on both ends of the opening, so you can keep the contents from popping out when carrying it like a tote bag.

The bag itself can be washed as a whole, so it can be used as an eco bag for shopping, but the cushioning makes it bulky and difficult to carry. Small may be better if you use it for a little eco bag.

You can also buy the latest 2022SS model at our shop

MM6 by Maison Margiela Japanese Net Mesh Bag

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MM6 by Maison Margiela Japanese Small Net Mesh Bag

Small ¥25,300 → ¥19,000 24% OFF

Updated smartphone case using eco-leather

MM6 by Maison Margiela Japanese iPhone Case
Last year we adopted a long strap that can be worn crossbody, but the 2022SS model has a shorter strap length and a longer neck strap. I think that handling has become more convenient than before. If you carry only cards, a smartphone, and a mask, this alone is enough size.
¥19,800 → ¥16,800 15% OFF
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